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optimise conversion, site design

& resource allocation.


//  Retail

//  Hospitality

//  Precinct Management is occupancy technology designed for retail and hospitality. 


Proprietary mmWave sensors report occupancy trends, conversion metrics and space utilisation, without the need for costly and overbuilt video analysis tools. 


Achieve unrivalled visibility across large or multiple trading areas for better operations, resource allocation and site design.

  • 100% Private by Design

  • Near-zero Installation Burden

  • Data, Power & Cost Efficient




Enhance product placement, visual merchandising, and customer experience with site-specific occupancy data.



Improve conversion estate-wide. Identify and react to service bottlenecks with in-store performance metrics.

Estate Management

Leverage pathway and volume data to better optimise managed estates and leisure precincts.


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In-store Metrics


Evaluate the customer journey in conversion-critical environments. aggregates Capture, Door, and Counter scores to allow rapid performance analysis at any scale. Improve monitoring and resource allocation by having the right data on hand.

Flow & Utilisation 


Discover how customers interact with your trading area. Beyond people counting, analyses customer flow and dwell data to improve site performance, conversion, and customer experience.



QD.10 - Queue Density


Monitor and maximise conversion potential by knowing where and when your customers are waiting. Measure queue length, peel-off, staff-to-customer cover, and responsiveness. Be “in-store” with Queue Density.

  • Indoor applications

  • USB-C powered

  • Ceiling mounted

  • Performance web-app


CF.10 - Customer Flow


Customer Flow measures the presence, directionality, and dwell of customers within the trading environment, visually overlaid on your floor plan. Use flow data to enhance site design, format testing, and customer engagement.

  • Indoor applications

  • USB-C powered

  • Wall + ceiling mounted

  • Floor plan web-app

XF.68 - External Flow


Offered in “always-on” and battery-powered formats, the IP68-rated housing allows for external all-weather use. Map external footfall to sales, conduct surveys, and understand pedestrian patterns with External Flow.

  • External applications

  • USB-C + Battery

  • Wall + window mounting

  • Custom data product


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